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pig roast pics are up

I posted the pig roast pics on gallery. I’ll try to write up the process of cooking specifically later, but for now you can get the texture of the weekend by reading through the captions.

the pig is in brine


T-minus 24 hours to the roast!

pig practice

This weekend we headed up to Tool, Texas to build a roasting pit for our Memorial Day pig roast. Here’s Leslie doing a test fit with “Wilbur”:

leslie with pig

Paper-mâché doesn’t roast up very well, though, so instead we tested with a pork shoulder:

It turned out well! You can see more pics on gallery.

first big house project: new doors!

After 9 months of searching for contractors, picking doors, waiting for doors, waiting for contractors, and monitoring all the work, we’ve finished our first big home improvement project, which was to replace all the interior doors in our house as well as the front door.

Here’s the old front door:

And today, with a few changes to make it more us, most recently our custom designed new front door:

The whole idea started because we were annoyed by the way several of the doors in our house swung, like into the pantry, eating up 30% of its storage space, or into our bedroom so that they blocked the light switches. Also, we had several doors that just didn’t fit in their rooms, swinging way out and blocking access.

It turned out the cost of changing the swing on doors was more in labor than the cost of new doors, so we decided to replace the cheesy molded masonite doors with “Shaker” stile-and-panel doors that were much more our speed. I guess you don’t really take pictures of doors very often, because this was the only one I could find of the old doors:

And here are some pics of the new doors as they arrived:

Being painted:

Finished barn door installation:

Another interior shot:

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