Cyber Patrol 4 Hack, etc.

Well, “they” cracked Cyber Patrol 4. Its nice to see another blow land against censorware. As usual, this issue has
been framed by wiser than I, so I point you to some /. articles concerning the case.

The Breaking of Cyber Patrol 4

Mattel Dislikes Being Embarrassed

Mattel/Cyber Patrol Censors Critics Again

Overt was one of the lucky sites to actually get an email from Mattel’s lawyer, just scare tactics, really. Scared me.
The text and attachments of the email are available here.

SETI@Home howto posted; attention turns elsewhere.

I’ve finally gotten around to posting a howto for joining Ship of Fools, and all of the statistics seem to be working alright. I’m now going to start work on a thorough techno-advocacy page, and allowing (authorized) users to post updates to overt. Then I may add what seems to be the only real draw to personal web sites: pictures! Who knows, maybe my IP logs will turn up more than localhost for once…

SETI@Home Individual Statistics available

I know, its been all SETI stuff recently. I have extended the “smart agent” on the Ship of Fools page to obtain information on specific users that is not available on the general team page. Just click on a team member name in the stats table and a windowlet with the all available user stats should appear. I have moved the user information to a small database to facilitate manipulation, but data antiquation shouldn’t be a problem since the statistics are updated from SETI@home each time they are viewed. Beware that the Javascript support of Netscape 4.0x is sketchy at best, and you may have some problems viewing the pop-up windows if you are running this or an earlier version. Please let me know of any bugs you experience; I am more likely the cause than you!

DVD’s, DeCSS, DMCA, MPAA, and Other scary acronyms

Because of the recent fiasco surrounding DVD’s and the MPAA and (De)CSS, You’ll often hear me complain about this injustice or that. Before forming an opinion on the issue, be sure to do a little reading and thinking. Get the skinny on the case from my side and their’s. I won’t try to make the arguments again. Then, (if you choose light and not darkness), help promote my delinquency and grab the source and binaries I’ve mirrored here and here.