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Try a different look for

Are you among those who think’s colors are too dark and depressing? Well then, you’ll want to try another look. Let me know what you think. If you hate it, you can always go back.

here come finals…

Well, next week is the last week of class here at UT, and (after I turn in the term paper due on the 2nd) I’ve got finals! This may mean an even more pronounced dearth of updates, but I assure you, good things are to come. Speaking of school, I’ve got my fall 2000 schedule posted.

Where, oh where are the mirrors?

Here is a PDF of the court order I was sent that scared me enough
to take down my mirror of cp4break. I’m currently working with student judicial services here at UT
to get the mirror back up. I may have to get my own lawyer in order to be able to ask the questions
I need to ask, and since I can’t afford one, the big corporations win again. Sigh.

As you may have noticed,’s DeCSS mirror has folded along with the cp4break mirror.
This removal is because of action taken to contact my school (ISP) by the MPAA via email. After
they were contacted, my site was and account were disabled until I spoke with a site administrators
here on campus, who reinstated my account on order that I not post DeCSS. I might say to UT’s credit
that while some within the school would support me ideologically, they cannot compete with the legal
barrage fired by the MPAA against the program. I’m breathlessly awaiting a final ruling expected this
summer regarding the legality of DeCSS and its distribution.

You can read more about this and other advocacy issues on the advocacy page.

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