double fisting

Jokes have been made by some parties that our little Sous-chef has a lot of expectations to live up to. While we will be happy with any life path she chooses, it is true that we want to offer her every opportunity to excel in the world of dog awesomeness. She comes from good stock, and at our play date last weekend she and her sister Peanut took a moment out for some synchronized sitting (double click to play):

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We’ve got applications in already to all the best prep schools… you can never start these things too soon. Leslie is starting her on Rachmaninoff drills, though her real passion seems to be early Charlie Parker licks on her doggy-tenor sax.

yeah, new puppy = hard

I’ll just refer you to Les’s blog to see some nice, detailed posts about our new charge. She’s put things coherently and that’s something I’m probably not capable of at the moment. I’ve been run down, but I think I’m on the road to recovery. Tonight is my night to sleep instead of worrying about trips outside, which will make it my first good night of sleep since last Friday—what bliss. What a project we’ve undertaken. Here’s a picture that Clare took when she came over to offer moral support on night 3 that helps me take the whole thing less seriously:

omg puppy

Leslie already scooped me on this, but it’s still worth a post. After months of deliberation, we decided to adopt a puppy. In particular, this one:

dogface the dog

We just heard yesterday from Pound Puppy Rescue that our favorite puppy from the visit we paid to the 12-dog litter was ours. She comes home a week from Friday. We’re still deliberating about the name. The best idea we’ve had so far is to call her “Sous Chef” because I’m sure she’ll be helping us cook. She would go by just “Sous.” Hee. Please post your awesome name idea in the comments!