last post from berlin

It’s 6:11am here, and Leslie’s in the shower. The place is spotless, the better to recover the full security deposit. The last thing to get packed, of course, is the wireless router, but the time has come to snip our internet umbilical. Just 22 hours of travel stand between us and sweet, sweet home. What a summer it’s been. We’ll see you all soon.

geocoding added to gallery; also comments

I just can’t stop! The Google Maps plugin for Gallery is just too whizzy not to use. So, I’ve started adding lat/lon information to albums in gallery:

gallery geocoded

Also, I finally fixed commenting. You should see a little “add comment” thing underneath each photo, and you can also click the little icon at the top. We’ll see how spam proof this solution is…


As I seem to do every couple of years, I’ve once again undertaken to fix up overt a bit. As you can see, things look a bit different already, but as all web developers do, I have more and bigger plans in the offing.