goodbye, old friends

very well-loved Chacos

Today, it finally happened–my 8+ year-old Chaco flip flops finally had a fatal blowout in the right toe strap. These things are vintage at this point, as Chaco’s manufacturing quality has declined and they no longer even offer thin, flexible flip flops with “outboard” straps like this. These things were used as full-blown hiking shoes on our rafting trip down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, hundreds of miles of Austin walkin’, and even served as pretty good running shoes chasing after Paul on his bike. I have some serviceable replacements, but they’ll never live up to these guys.

2020 goal met: 1000 miles running

Somewhere midsummer, I felt like I needed to set a goal for something. I looked at my running stats for the year, which had been trending up since the beginning of the pandemic, and it looked doable to hit 1000 miles for the year. I told myself, “that’s less than three miles per day!” It seemed achievable in a healthy way without breaking any hips or anything.

I’m proud to say that I hit my goal on December 18th with an easy lap around the hike and bike trail:

Stats for the 1000 miles: 216 runs. 147 hours. 2.8 miles / day. Average speed 6.8 mph or 8:49 min/mi.

What I’m most proud of is that I had no injuries all year. Here’s to many more injury-free years of running to come!