MonthMarch 2006

belize: the arrival, caye caulker

After what was probably the best layover of our lives in Dallas with Leslie’s parents, including two great meals, Cameron and Matt, and Murphy, we left on Sunday for Belize. We got extra early to the airport, which was deserted, ended up all seated together in an exit row, and watched Pride and Prejudice for the three hour flight. Then we had a painless run through immigration and customs, and quick taxi ride to Belize City where we caught a water taxi to Caye Caulker. The ride took maybe 30 minutes, with nice, dramatic clouds everywhere. We were greeted on the island by Amanda, whose house we’re staying in. The island is so beautiful, laid back, perfect. The motto: Go Slow.

Go Slow!

Check out the gallery for all the pics from the first day. Today we’re heading out for our first day of diving, the camera is all prepped and ready to go. We’ll probably upload those pics tonight while we sleep.

where we’ll be in 5 days…

caye caulker

After a 40 minute speed-boat ride from the mainland, in our own private floor of a house, on an island 1000 feet wide and 2 miles tall with no cars, lots of bars, and wireless internet (somehow).

The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test

The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test. Give it a shot. My first time through I answered truthfully and ended up with 70%. The second time I went ruthless and did much better.

weekend in the snow

A friend from Apple invited us out to spend the weekend in Bear Valley, in the Sierra Nevadas between Yosemite and lake tahoe. Day one was skiing (I actually did ski, instead of snowboarding, to see if I could remember how). The snow was amazing! Feet of soft powder everywhere:

I had never been in anything like it, looking down and seeing my knees disappear into the snow as I went along. Day two was sledding and snow-shoeing and general playing in the snow.

It was awesome. Check out all the pictures in the usual place.

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