a long summer’s journey into work

I’m starting work on Monday. It’s a bit strange to imagine. I’ll go in, I’ll get my badge, get my office (I already have one decoration lined up: a miniature Texas flag), start meeting people. Eventually, after a period of cluelessness, I’ll start doing useful work.

I realized that this has been the longest period in my life without work or school since I started kindergarten. I haven’t done anything useful since I graduated in May. I have become so bored and frustrated that starting work seems like the best kind of vacation imaginable.

In other news, Zelda: the Wind Waker is definitely one of the top 5 best video games I’ve ever played. And I’ve played a *lot*. So, if you’re ever looking for a good way to kill a week while you’re, I don’t know, waiting for your job to start, I’d highly recommend this RPG full of bright colors and catchy sythesized music.

I’ll be back soon with a full report on work day 1.

6 thoughts on “a long summer’s journey into work”

  1. My favorties…

    Dungeon = Tower of the Gods
    Music = Forest Haven
    Character = Makar (he makes rain stick sounds when he trundles!)
    Item = Boomerang

    Yay for Zelda!

  2. I agree on all counts except for dungeon. I liked the dungeon with the big fan, so I guess that’d be the wind-god one. How could anything be cuter than Makar?

  3. I was not a big fan of the fan. I got a little tired of getting blown around, not having Makar, attacking wizards, and those stupid peahats dive-bombing in mid-air. In the Tower of the Gods, you got to have the clunky little statues follow you around like puppy dogs, and that was cool. And the Command Melody (and the way Link looked while controlling someone else, and the mysterious music) were pretty spiffy.

    Another favorite – the fairies. How awesome were they with their shiny purpleness and lotus blossoms? And the child fairy queen = way cool.

  4. Oh, and have you heard the rumor about the new Zelda bonus disk to be possibly packaged with Gamecubes and/or The Four Swords, which will contain The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and a WW demo?!!?!? I'm hoping Nintendo will confirm soon!

    (sorry, no o­ne in college station seems to play zelda)

  5. all I can say is that would be sweet. I thought I read something about how, if you’d pre-ordered WW, you got a disk that had ocarina of time for gamecube on it, the disk with everything on it would be sweet. I played the original, and link, and then skipped to ocarina of time, but never finished it. Ah, Zelda.

  6. Yes, if you preordered WW, you got a disk with Ocarina of Time – original version and Masterquest version. Pretty cool. The game ran really well o­n the gamecube, and the MQ dungeons were fun. 🙂

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