like SSX only real

In a short and cheap trip last weekend, we headed out to lake tahoe for a day of skiing/snowboarding. It came to me this time much more quickly than the last, so very little bashing of the head or wrists occurred. I did get a tad ambitious at one point, though and went in the actual half-pipe. For the uninitiated, this is literally like a giant flute carved out of the snow that you go up and down the sides of, maybe not dying in the process. I barely managed to get down it without serious injuries. I proceeded to try to grind on a rail and ate serious snow. It was nice to live out some of my SSX fantasies. It’s kind of odd–I felt the opposite of what everyone talks about. Instead of the video game making me want to jump off huge ramps in real life, it just made me think, “jumping off of huge ramps is for video games, not real life.” Mostly I thought this as I was in the air after leaving the top of said ramps. Landing from them didn’t often work out. We do have some pictures of the excursion on gallery.

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