To Sunnyvale from Singapore via Texas

So, the past week has been brightened considerably by the presence of a temporary house guest, Philip. Phil has landed a job at vmware in Palo Alto, and is moving into a place in Sunnyvale on Tuesday. He arrived last Monday, though, and so in the meantime he’s been occupying our floor. It’s always nice to have another geek around.

Things are rolling along at work, same-old, same-old, as they say. One exciting thing this week is I’m expecting delivery tomorrow of my Dell 2001FP 21″ flat panel monitor. I had previously fancied getting an Apple Cinema Display, but the price was just plain better from dell (the 25% promotion didn’t hurt), plus the monitor rotates from portrait to landscape and it’s just tough to beat the ooh-ahh of that. The technically inclined could peruse the Anandtech review.

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