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This week, I told my manager at Apple that I’m going to Berkeley in the fall. It was sort of the last step in the process that started on a monday morning last August when I told the nice people at UW I wasn’t going to be going to school there and I drove to SF bay. I looked for a job, I applied to schools. I got both.

Classes don’t start until September, but my last day at Apple will be 23 July–our lease is up on the 31st and we’re moving out to Fremont for the next year or so. Fremont has it’s ups and downs. We’ll be close to George, who’s here for the summer, but further from Jeff in Palo Alto. Also, it’s likely that Fremont is even more of a suburban wasteland than Santa Clara. But it is relatively close to San Jose and has a BART station. Just 50 short minutes to Berkeley.

I feel a sort of immense relief at heading back to school. Partly because school is so familiar to me, and partly because it makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something. I know I’ve been making money for this past year, but it’s also felt like my life is on pause. Not that I have some ultimate goal for my life. Maybe it’s just soothing to be earning merit badges again.

Anyway… the self-imposed prohibition on Berkeley posts is hereby lifted. Expect to hear plenty about it in the coming months.

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