school days are here again

We got back on Sunday from Texas. I’d tell you all the stuff we did, but Cameron already wrote a great description. The only parts not included are the excellent dinner we had in Dallas the night we arrived to celebrate Susan’s birthday at a place called Iris, and some modest ranch-type work that we accomplished on Friday (fixing lights, planting gardens, driving tractors, waterskiing, the usual).

So now I’ve entered my last week of this odd year that started last August. The year without a plan (well, there were plans, but the were all just theoretical. Almost unbelievably, everything went off without a hitch. I found a job, a great one, at Apple. It only took a couple of months. I reapplied to grad schools, and actually got in this time, to Stanford and Berkeley, the place I wanted to go to all along. It’s almost like the entire net effect of the year was to transpose me from being about to start my Ph.D. in Seattle to me being about to start my Ph.D. here.

In any case, in less than a week I’ll start classes again. I wonder how different it will feel, how much the same. It’s an adventure but also a relief… new place, new people, but also going back to the life of a student, even if it is a student with a long commute for this year.

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