let’s do the time warp again

Friday night kicked some ass. Leslie and I cooked up artichoke and mushroom lasagna to feed a cadre of teachers who graced us with their presence. Beer from several Asian countries was consumed, as well as tangerine fuzzy navels and plenty of strawberries, angel food cake, and whipped not-cream (though none of the latter by me, thank you). I eventually banished myself upstairs to remove the male element, though no doubt the fun continued.

Saturday night also had its intrigue. We went over to have dinner at Phil’s place. He had mentioned he’d also invited “a friend from UT,” and when we arrived, there was none other than George, arrived back early from his NYC escapades. A pleasant surprise. We enjoyed ginger sesame chicken, then definitely did not spend a couple of hours dance-dance-revolting. After that we caravaned back up to Fremont to get dressed for a traditional Saturday-midnight showing of RHPS in Oakland. It was fun… lots of effort on the part of the actors, with complete costumes, props, scene changes. Miles ahead of what I saw the last time I went in high school. We also met two friends of George from Livermore – Laura and Stefani. Didn’t get to talk much to Laura, but I did have a brief talk with Stefani, who’s an int’l relations and philosophy major at nearby Mills College. We even bought (or, I should say, George bought) little rocky supply bags to throw shit at appropriate moments. Alas, they have apparently phased out rice and now only blow bubbles for the wedding.

And this is officially my last day of vacation. Leslie was up and out of bed and off to school in a frighteningly familiar manner this morning, and tomorrow I go up to Berkeley and they tell me how to be a grad student. We’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Nicole – I think last year was her first, but she did some work before so she’s graduating this coming spring. Peanut – I will spend that third of a second gloating over your early demise.

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