adding and dropping

The semester has worked it’s way up to a gallop. One of my classes, “computational geometry,” has been computationally kicking my ass. My current plan is to stop taking it for a grade for my sanity’s sake. Otherwise things are peachy, I need to restart my research engine after the long burn of SIGGRAPH. Cool things of note:

  • I moved into an office with some other graphics folks. This is significantly better even than my already serendipitous office down the hall from the graphics people. I’m also right next to the communal Xbox, which seemed a reason for concern but hasn’t been a problem yet.
  • Speaking of Xboxes, I have one now, though I’ve yet to play any Xbox games on it. What I have done is disassembled it, solder a chip in its innards, and put it back together. Why? Because now the Xbox will, at my whim, run any NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Gameboy, and Arcade game ever. I’m not saying that I have copies of all these games–what blatant piracy that would be! Ok actually I do.
  • Going to New York the day after tomorrow. No doubt much posting of pictures and events will be done
  • Awesome Valentine’s dinner

2 thoughts on “adding and dropping”

  1. I hope it is one of the newer Xboxes, not one whose power cord will burn down your apartment!

    I can send Halo back with Leslie in March if you haven’t acquired it by then.

  2. i tried halo on my mac, and was unimpressed, but i’ve heard it’s better on the xbox. i also have halo 2 (a friend gave it to me), but i don’t want to play it until after i play the original, so it would indeed kick ass if you sent her back with it. you may just have to sneak it into her bag.

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