great movies for a library?

So, we’ve had a netflix subscription for a little over a year now, and we’ve really build quite a little library up (you can browse it here). I know there are tons of great movies we haven’t gotten yet. You know, real staples. For me it was stuff like The Princess Bride, Dune, Blade Runner, Amadeus. I’m running out of ideas now after cycling through about 300 discs. What are the classic movies you’d want in any library?

4 thoughts on “great movies for a library?”

  1. You need more classics. Your collection is way too biased towards recent stuff. Get a list of academy award winners or that film institute list of the top 100 moveis that came out during the millenium rollover or the IMBD top 50. I bet you’d find some gems.

  2. Gone with the Wind, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Stagecoach, The Wizard of Oz, The Muppet Movie, Adventures in Babysitting (ask Leslie about this one), Dances with Wolves, Young Frankenstein, E.T.

  3. city of lost children, desperado, spy kids, kung fu hustle, war games, ferris bueler’s day off, alien, aliens, predator, aliens versus predator, terminator 2, original bbc hitchhiker’s guide, original bbc underworld (by neil gaiman), the crow!!!?!, at least one or two seasons of macguyver and brisco county junior, firefly (i hear it’s good), twin peaks, 007 Goldeneye (whatever other bond films that didn’t suck), batman, batman returns, quigley downunder, the good the bad and the ugly, 24 (i hear it’s like crack), uhf, lost highway, castaway, Tamala2010: A Punk Cat in Space, election, creul intentions && dangerous liasons, hero, mad max 2 (roadwarrior),

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