A few weeks ago, Jeff and I did a 14-mile training run. A couple of days later, I noticed that there was some pain in the bottom of my right foot. After it persisted for a few days, I started to wonder, but I kept running. 10 miles on the weekend, less during the week, then Bay to Breakers. Finally, when it hadn’t gone away in over two weeks, I did some searching and talking and it seems I had developed “plantarfaciitis” due to overuse of the tendon between my heel and my toes. Intent on not injuring myself for the marathon, I took two weeks off running and did other stuff for cardio. Last Saturday I tried easing back in with a three-mile run, but the pain came back almost immediately. Sigh. So, since it seems like if you aggravate this injury it can take years to recover from, I’ve decided to shelf the marathon. It sucks. I really, really, wanted to do this, and I have already run so much to prepare, but it’s not worth hurting myself to do. So, maybe in 6 months or a year I’ll try running a bit more and see whether it has cleared up. grumble.

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