berkeley is far from apple

I knew this. No surprises here. Still, I made the drive in one chunk for the first time on Friday afternoon so that I could talk to James about my SCA talk. That is a long-ass drive. I can’t believe people commute from SF or Berkeley to Apple for years. What a crazy place the Bay can be. Luckily, I’ve only really got two weeks of that pain to go through.

I burned up most of Saturday trying to build a cable to splice an iPod into my car stereo, and failed. I’m not giving up though, since commercial adapters go for $90 or so. The goal is that when we do our summer roadtrip (Canada is the plan, all the cool kids are doing it) we can bring Jim and rock out. When I finally figure out how, I’ll make some sort of guide to save others pain. Also, I’m trying to figure out how to use my phone to connect to the internets on the road so we can post up-to-the-minute photos of I-5.

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