an ankle adventure

Well. Yesterday I was at the climbing gym and had a bad fall when bouldering. I heard a sort of crunch, and I thought I’d twisted my ankle. What I actually did was dislocate it pretty badly and chip a couple of bones. That was the one unlucky thing that happened to me all night. The rest of the night was a series of lucky breaks. Also bouldering in the same area were two EMT’s and a doctor. They swooped in and took a look at the foot, elevated it, immobilized it, someone called an ambulance. I would put a picture of the foot right here, but it might bother some of my readers so I’ll just give you a link: here.

I got the first ambulance ride of my life. I foolishly turned down pain medication because I was still in shock and the ankle didn’t hurt too much. By the time we got to the ER I was probably in the most pain I’ve ever been in. About 20 minutes later they gave me some morphine, which evened things out a bit. They took an x-ray, then wheeled me back. Then a few doctors came in grabbed my leg and foot in various places, and crunched things around until my foot was pointing in the right direction again. At that point I felt a lot better. There’s something very psychologically unsettling about having a dislocated body part (at least for me). They said that I was very lucky that nothing broke, since it will probably save me from some arthritis 20 years down the line.

They splinted my leg and told me to get a cast put on the next day. I’ve got an appointment to get that done this afternoon. In the meantime, I’m not much use around the apartment. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more durable once I get in a cast.

2 thoughts on “an ankle adventure”

  1. Cor blimey dat look a wee bit painful man i feel for ya bra. if i had done that in thee cape town i would have had to get myself to the nearest hospital.

  2. I did something simialer like two days ago, I was playin basketball with my friends and my foot rolled of the concrete into the grass. I was on my back and i saw my foot for a split second and it looked just like that. Before I could really understand what happened I grabbed my foot and popped it straight back. I knew that since I was still in shock that it wouldnt hurt as bad if I popped it in now rather than later at the doctor. It must have helped a lot because I’ll I took for pain that night was 3 Advil. The next day I got some good x rays and nothing was broken either. I’m still currently in a boot and a couch potato as we speak.

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