berkeley food #13: fontina caffe italiano

I’ve been to Fontina twice now. Once I went just with Leslie, on a whim. The second time was with my parents and some friends on our moving day. Both were great experiences. I would describe the place as your basic slightly-nice Italian restaurant, with all the attendant dishes. Bare cloth on the tables, $15 entrees with some real effort and creativity put into them. I’ve had their bruschetta, caprese salad, chicken parmagiana, and grilled salmon. They were all interesting. The appetizers were fresh and hot (or cold, in the case of the caprese) with good quality ingredients. There was creativity in the entrees even though they are fairly conventional italian fare. I like the place but probably won’t frequent it just because I can’t spend that much on dinner often.

2 thoughts on “berkeley food #13: fontina caffe italiano”

  1. My kind of place! It will be on my list when we visit next spring. But why is Berkley #13 not on your restaurant topic page? I guess turkey is the next meal we will share. Twill be here before we know it.

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