it’s, uh… for mix cds.

Leslie and I recently got this new printer, which kicks ass in many ways, but my most favorite has got to be the ability to print directly on special CD/DVD-R discs. Also I have found a handy repository of every imaginable cover image from CDs and movies. So now my when I make totally legal backup copies of my DVDs, instead of being cheesy-looking blanks with sharpie labels now look more like this:

Home made! I love the age of cheap media production.

2 thoughts on “it’s, uh… for mix cds.”

  1. yeah, you have to start with a white background if you want to get all the colors, so you have to buy special discs. But they don’t cost any more than the normal discs as far as I can tell. The biggest expense is probably the ink spent printing them.

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