couch! (some assembly required)

We finally did it. We replaced the couch that was gifted to me by Ali’s sister when I moved into my Speedway apartment. When I got it, it was a beautiful, happy, white couch with floral print pillows. It followed me across the country to the bay (after a brief pit stop in Seattle), and served us well here in cali. It being white and we being “heavy” couch users, it was a bit worse for the wear by the time it got to Fremont, so we got a slip cover for it, which is sort of a two-edged sword. It did look better, but was continually getting disheveled and generally driving me insane. So we decided we should replace it sooner rather than later, since we might be picking up and moving to another country in a few years anyway.

We didn’t want a nice couch, because nice couches cost real money, something we don’t have. Plus vis a vis our international living plans it would have been a rather rash purchase. So we did what all good poor students do and hit IKEA up for the best that $500 or so could buy. What we got was a couch that came in four (4) boxes, only three of which they actually managed to find the day we were there buying it, which was probably just as well since the last one may not have fit so well into Leslie’s jetta. The whole process of turning boxes into couch can be savored on gallery. I’ll leave you with the afterglow:

Red, and long enough for a 5′ 10″ person to stretch out on, or three people to sit together on without cuddling. I’m satisfied.

One thought on “couch! (some assembly required)”

  1. this is one of the sexiest things i’ve seen all morning, even with you two blocking the view. on behalf of all the people who ever attempted to sleep on the old couch, i thank you.

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