…and that was prague.

We just got back from what’s scheduled to be our list sub-trip, Prague. We gave our selves three days to see the city, which doesn’t seem like much, I guess. After the first day, which was dominated by a 4-hour walking tour of all the famous sights, we had trouble filling day two (maybe just because of our aching feet), and after a thwarted attempt to see the Simpsons movie (oops! only in Czech) and go to a “climbing bar” (oops! closed and replaced by trendy hotel), we gave up and retired to the Hostel. We took it easy on day three, but did revisit the castle more thoroughly than we had on the walking tour, and we glanced at (but did not enter, because we’re cheap) Kafka’s house on the castle grounds.

Next we endured 6 hours in a compartment of a train with every manner of family–first two people our age with a two year old son who was not happy about traveling on a train for 6 hours, and then a family of four with a 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. These compartments are not big (in 2nd class) and you all face each other, knees interacting, trying to be polite, but really what I wanted to do was toss the squirming children out the window by the end of it (I didn’t; that sort of thing is also illegal in Germany).

So now it’s Tuesday, we’ve got just shy of three weeks left here, and with no more trips it’s time to dig in and figure out what else Berlin has to offer. Michael will come join us a week before we leave, which should be awesome, as he starts his second 10-week tour in Dresden.

We should have some Prague pics up soon.

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