live tv: the agony of defeat

We’ve reached the point now where we get all our TV and movies from the internet, and so we don’t have a cable subscription. This setup is fine except for every so often when we want to watch something live–sports or awards shows (okay, when Leslie wants to watch awards shows). In these cases we head to a friend’s house or a bar. But not anymore!

It occurred to me that it couldn’t be that complicated to corral some radio waves into my TV’s built-in digital tuner. Right? So I plugged an old FM antenna and I got some pretty crappy reception. Thankfully, the internet was ready to instruct me how a piece of wood and six coat hangers was all I needed for HDTV sports utopia. You can see the result above.

The thing works great! It enabled me to watch the Rangers get crushed live and in person. Hooray! I guess.

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