i won’t spoil it

But you must play this flash game, which is probably the best ever. The developers should hook up with the Portal guys.


In the long tradition of cool flash on overt, I give you neverendingfall. You can help her with your mouse if she gets stuck.

More Mario Drama!

bowser threatens peach

Part IV of the Mario Bros. Flash movie has been posted! The previous parts seem to be disappearing from flash sites, so I decided to just nab them all and mirror them on my server. You can see part IV here..

In case you didn’t get a chance to watch the first three parts, they’re here:

Maybe I’ll just set up a page of my favorite flash shenanigans.


frighteningly good mario drama

What more can I say? See for yourself:

The score seems to include bits from Requiem for a Dream and Radiohead. Wow.

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