31337 hAx0r strikes overt.org

We are still trying to identify the cracker who defaced peace-loving overt.org several days ago. While we do not have a complete description, we are fairly certain that he or she is an 31337 mAs73r and should be treated as potentially able, as one of our analysts put it “to hack his way out of a paper bag.” The ultra-high assurance security storage system for posting updates to overt (which relies primarily on such techniques as hard-coding passwords into public scripts and choosing hard-to-crack passwords such as the first name of a significant other) was compromised by the networking expert, who used the access to post confidential information about the personal relations of site administrators. Since the cracker went to great lengths to protect his identity and overt.org has a policy against IP logging, details on the attacker are sketchy at best. “We only know that his name is Jonathan Waltz, a resident of Houston, Texas pursuing two degrees at the University of Texas at Austin, with an affinity for creating swank-ass desktops with the gimp. We will have to do further research to determine what, if anything, he ate for breakfast this morning. He is a slippery one.”

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