week one

So, the rest of the week went by pretty quickly. Most of my time was soaked up with trying to learn all of the acronyms associated with my projects, and then maybe a few details about them. What was left over was spent choosing a medical plan and setting up my 401(k). On Thursday, apple released iTunes for Windows, and I went down to a little theater on campus to watch a live stream of the presentation with a bunch of other Apple employees. Now, I’ve seen other Steve Jobs presentations before, but it was a unique experience to see it with a bunch of people intensely interested, hanging on every word he was saying. They cared not only because it was their company, but because he might actually say something that would change the projects they had to work on for the next six months (like “we’re going to ship Panther by the end of the year,” which he said this summer).

I’m still totally drowning in new information, and I think I will be for a couple of more weeks or so. But the environment is great, with mostly great people. Apple moment of the week: seeing another employee in his late fifties wearing a grateful dead t-shirt and cutoffs, riding a home-made motorized skateboard across the campus.

And now that it’s the weekend, it’s time for a little Super Mario Sunshine.

2 thoughts on “week one”

  1. What do you think about Mario Sunshine? I haven't liked a Mario game since Super Nintendo, so I'm curious.

    You know what game I do want to play…Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Turtle Power!

  2. hrm… well, i like it a lot. *but* i did also like mario 64 so much that i bought an old nintendo 64 just to play it, and in truth super mario sunshine is basically a rehash of mario 64 with new levels on a new platform with the twist of shooting water everywhere. so, if you didn’t like mario 64, i’d avoid it. otherwise, definitely go for it.

    ever play any star wars nintendo games? i’m contemplating buying the new rogue squadron when it comes out. i liked rogue squadron on the n64, and the previews for rebel strike look pretty cool.

    ah video games. i have no video game kindred spirits now that i’ve left austin (even though les did actually start a zelda game and has played a little mario).

    wrt ninja turtles: i’ve got a nice little disc for PS2 i burned that has a nintendo emulator along with every nintendo ever made. it’s a blast. lolo, dragon warrior, maniac mansion, california games, super dodge ball. it’s like being 10 again.

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