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Well, another week has gone by. I’m still plugging along at Apple, trying to figure what exactly is the difference between my ass and a hole in the ground. I’m making some slow progress.

I have to accept the fact that unless I start making an effort, my life is going to be pretty boring for the next year. Get up, go to work, come home, fix dinner, sleep. I know the cycle, I’ve done it for internships before. It was easier then because it only lasted for three months. We’ll see how I take to it in the long term.

Up until last week I had been riding my bike to work (it’s about 4.5 miles, maybe 15-20 mins). I was feeling green and self-satisfied, but then my shoulders started to get really knotted (they generally have a propensity to do this, but they were really bad). So I’m trying to figure out what exactly to do on that front. It seems like I’ve outgrown my bike (purchased at the end of high school, yet somehow too small now…). So (according to one bike guy I talked to) it’s cramping up my arms and shoulders. I have no clue; I just know if I don’t figure how to solve the issue I’m stuck driving to work everyday, which is just too Californian for me at the moment. So maybe I’ll try to get my bike adjusted, or maybe get a new bike. I even toyed with the idea of getting a recumbent bicycle, but they are $$$ and it seems like it would be counter productive to save money on gas to buy a minimum $500 bike.

Leslie is in San Diego this weekend at a teaching conference. The weather may usually be nice here, but it’s always nice there. Why did I not go to UCSD again? I guess here the weather changes at least a little, which can be entertaining.

Tonight I’m going to a giant party (~1000 people) that Apple is throwing for all of hardware engineering. Should be an interesting peek into the dynamics of company culture. And tomorrow, I’m running in the iRun (seriously, that’s what it’s called) 5k run they’re having at infinite loop.

And for the usual video-games-that-rock-my-world comment, I found out today that there will indeed be a disk with basically all the old Zelda games (thanks for the tip, cam) on it that Nintendo is giving away later this month (a little birthday present for myself). For those who might have trouble understanding a fascination with video games that persists into my twenties, I simply submit that it could have been a heroin addiction.

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  1. Yes, it looks like it is time to renew my Nintendo Power subscription that has lapsed since 1996…but it'll be worth it. NES Zeldas + N64 Zeldas = true happiness.

  2. Heh, I used to get that magazine. But I’d say my subscription probably lapsed in 1993 or so. Looks like I’ll be getting at least another year of it.

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