I think I mentioned earlier that Apple, as a reward for all the hard work of its employees this year, has given us all the week off. Now, granted, I’m not responsible for this hard work, but I’m still taking the week off.

Yesterday I went out to Castle Rock with my brother to do some bouldering. It was great. The rock there is sandstone, much nicer on your hands than granite (Hueco Tanks, Enchanted Rock), but not quite as nice as limestone (Reimers). Still, with the cool weather and the sandpaper texture, you seem to stick spiderman-style to everything, which is a great ego boost. Of course, I forgot my camera. We’re thinking about dragging Doug and George out there for some nature this weekend.

The rest of the day was soaked up finding and buying a (free-range) turkey, ditching our digital cable box like a bad habit ($15 a month so that the channels will change more slowly?), and playing X-2.
You know you’re a hardcore fan of a series when you shell out $50 bucks to watch a former high-summoner run around in a strange japanese idea of a short skirt dancing and singing and changing clothes. Yet the game is strangely excellent, just like all the FF series that seem at first bizarre or tedious (can you say FF tactics?).

More reports to follow as Thanksgiving activities heat up.

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