metriod, pvr, the weather

well, life seems to have settled down in into it’s post-vacation routine again. I go to work. I come home, sleep. And so forth.

Nothing really notable has been going on. I’ve been playing a lot more of Metroid Prime. It took me a while to get into, but it proved very rewarding once I did. Once I finish I’ll probably post my impressions of the game overall.

Also, after three months of self-imposed abstention, I bought a toy. It’s a PVR (personal video recorder). The idea is that, while I really don’t watch that much television, the stuff I do like (mostly on comedy central) is only once or twice a week, and I don’t care enough to change what i’m doing so i can sit in front of a TV. Also, I’ve gotten to the point where even one commercial is enough to make me recoil from the TV room in horror. So we got this ReplayTV thing that is supposed to automatically figure out when all your favorite shows are on and record them for you, and when you play them back it automagically skips all the commercials. All this for $120. Sign me up.

Finally, I should mention the freakish weather of the last couple of days. It’s been in the EIGHTIES AND NINETIES. I know. It’s amazing. How quickly I forget my roots.

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  1. Metroid Prime = WHOOP! I'm excited about all the info we'll get about Metroid Prime 2 (Echoes?) after E3.

    Let me know how the whole PVR thing works out. Ever since I learned of TiVo, it seemed like something I would use and enjoy.

  2. So far the PVR has kicked ass. We’ve gotten to watch the Daily show, which we almost always miss because we go to be to early, and I found late night showings of the Family Guy and Kids in the Hall. I didn’t even know the shows were still on the air anywhere, and now I can watch them whenever I want!

    I just finished Metroid (took me about 5 attempts on the last boss), the same day I read about MP 2. So now I’ve played Zelda:WW, Mario Sunshine, and Metroid. What are other must-plays for GCN?

  3. Did you ever get your Zelda Collectors Edition? You should definitely take Ocarina and Majoras Mask for a spin. Other than that, the o­nly other games I've played significantly are Mario Kart Double Dash and F-Zero GX. I rented Soul Calibur II and enjoyed it as a rental. And I have Prince of Persia, which I know you've played o­n PS2. But other than that, I don't have much. I'm looking forward to hearing more about Tales of Symphonia and the Lord of the Rings RPG.

  4. Yes, I did finally get it. I got two, actually, because after they sent me my replacement my apartment complex told me they had been sitting on the other one for about a month. I guess it’s time to give Ocarina another shot 🙂

  5. Did you intentionally embed two other “pvr” instances in your email?

    post-vacation routine
    proved very rewarding

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