Here it is. It’s still not totally done, but close enough that I wanted to transfer all the old posts over. Please let me know if you encounter any errors or explosions or whatever. And yes, I’m going to change the pic up top…

11 thoughts on “wordpress”

  1. okay… i borrowed leslie’s school laptop, which runs windows. I’m going to see if i can’t sort things out…

  2. seems to look tolerable in IE now. Seriously, that browser is a huge security risk and a travesty of web standards. Use something better, safer, smaller, free and open source. Firefox!

  3. let’s see…i enjoy the tabs….why IE still doesn’t have them is a mystery to me – i always use them in safari on dad’s ibook. oh, and i was really impressed that it would play my online health lectures (which say you MUST use IE to view them and which none of the three different browsers on dad’s ibook could play)

    i don’t know. everything seems to be going well. what else should i have noticed about its greatness?

  4. Nothing in particular… I just figured because you were still using IE in this day and age that you must be die-hard or something 🙂 One of my favorite things about firefox is the plugins. There’s the super-cool BugMeNot plugin that automatically gets bogus registration information for those “registration required” websites. There’s adblock that lets you right-click on any image or flash thingy and block it, and (maybe handy for you) there’s even ieview, that lets you right click to view a page in IE when you absolutely have to. I haven’t tried the last one, though, because it’s windows only.

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