4141 Stevenson Blvd

Yesterday we struck out from our suburban wasteland to another suburban wasteland, slightly to the north and east. We knew where we wanted our apartment to be: somewhere inside a box described by Trader Joe’s, the BART station, and two major on-ramps to 680, which Leslie will be using to get to work. We tooled around all through the area, stopping at 5 or 6 places. Our options seemed to be of two strains: towards the middle of Fremont in 1970’s era apartments that universally lacked in-apartment laundry facilities, or right next to the BART station in brand-new, soulless giant complexes that, while they have in-apartment laundry, cost about $300/mo too much. We ultimately decided on a place owned by the same management company as our current apartment–they’ve been very good here in Santa Clara. The place is huge (over 1100 sqft), and for about the same as our current place was before they hiked the rate.

We move in two weeks. I’ll be investigating the possibilities of DSL and satellite television in the intervening time…

2 thoughts on “4141 Stevenson Blvd”

  1. i like the new changing picture/overt at the top! i was wondering if you’d do something like that – i always liked the different overt lettering on the old design

  2. i aim to please! I’m going to keep working on more. I didn’t realize you saw overt in it’s pre-last-summer incarnation.

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