berkeley food #5: stuffed inn sandwiches

1829 Euclid Ave

Today is the first day of classes, though I don’t have any to go to until tomorrow. Still, there’s always something to do on campus, and today it was pick up my fellowship stipend check and go to a group meeting of a professor I’m considering working with.

There was a monstrous line at the check pick-up, and it really should have gone through EFT, but luckily I had a book with me for just such occasions–Black Sun Rising by CS Friedman. It was recommended by Les–unsuprisingly, CAMERON HALL is scrawled on the inside cover. After about 45 minutes in line, I got the check, which is supposed to sustain me until January, and went on a hunt for a new restaurant.

The place I found is on Euclid, a street on the north side of campus neer the EECS building (and the Goldman School). It’s called “Stuffed Inn,” and serves soups and sandwiches. I went for the deluxe $5 stuffwich; it contained (at least) ham, turkey, roast beek, jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, mayo, onion. All piled into whole wheat. Stuffed indeed. The staff was great–all smiles. Most of the people who came in seem to have regular sandwiches that the guy behind the counter remembered. The sandwich was delicious: very fresh, and almost enough to fill me (but not quite). Since the place is so close to Soda and Cory, I imagine I’ll be back.

This weekend was a blast. Saturday I planned on having Jeff, George, and Phil over for a simple dinner, but it turned out Josh (another UT->Berkeley transplant), Lisa (Josh’s SO), and Stefani (of RHPS fame) showed up to, enough to force me to make the red pepper and wild mushroom lasagna that was so delicious. Everyone was fed, and dessert was also excellent–George and Stefani brought strawberries, ice cream, and a delicious reisling dessert wine. I also learned and was bested in “big twos,” a game of asian origin, according to Phil.

Tomorrow: class.

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