berkeley food #6: stars veggie

1805 Euclid Ave.
(510) 548-8895

A lot of interesting veggie food here. The place seems to focus on fake-out meat, like Mongolian beef or philly cheesesteak. I ended up getting the “ham” and cheese crepe and a vegan carrot-cake muffin. The crepe was made while I waited, and the staff seemed very enthusiastic and dedicated. The place was tiny–maybe 8ft wide, so most of the seating was in the back. I settled in with my book and ate. The crepe was great, very fresh, though it was a little sweet which leads me to believe they use the same crepe mix for sweet and savory. I don’t know whether this was a faux pas or a stylistic decision, but I do know that in the joy of cooking, they specify that for savory crepes no sugar be added. Still, it was good if slightly greasy. On closer inspection the veggie ham looked more like pork shawarma meat than anything else; it was kind of salty, which is in character for ham, and the tomatoes and lettuce that flanked it were fresh and crisp.

It was, however, tiny. My stomach was barely primed by the time I finished it, and even after the carrot cake (which was very good for vegan, but no match for real), I was left with hunger pangs. Leslie can attest to my ravenousness last night when I got home. We decided from now on I should bring some backup calories on my culinary adventures in the form of powerbars or somesuch.

I may give this place another visit, but it would cost me $15 to fill up on their crepes. Maybe the rice bowl would be more substantial?

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