a bit of catch up

Let’s see… Leslie’s parents and sister arrive Wednesday. We relax, have a simple dinner and watch the debates. Thursday morning we head out early to Big Basin for a bit of hiking and crawling over fallen redwoods. We leave Big Basin and drive to Bonny Doon for wine tasting. From Bonny Doon we drive up highway 1 to Half Moon Bay, where we get a delicious lunch at the Flying Fish, a little hole-in-the-wall connected to a farmers’ market. Then we stroll around downtown Half Moon Bay for a couple of hours, then drive home to rest.

Friday morning Leslie heads to work, and I head to Berkeley along with parents and sister. We have a great tour of Berkeley, lunch at Intermezzo cafe, then drive back down to San Jose to see the last 15 minutes of Leslie’s Friday class, then hang out in her classroom for a while. Then we head to the Winchester Mystery House for what was a suprisingly interesting tour of a sprawling 100-year-old mansion built by a psychotic arthritic heiress. Finally, dinner is had in Santa Clara at Dasaprakash with the whole group + Johanna. We retire.

Saturday everyone else heads to San Francisco, but I stay at the apartment to try to catch up on some work. At noon Doug arrives, in town for the weekend for his Apple interview. We go kart racing in the afternoon with Phil, then hang out at Phil’s place for a while playing Katamari Damacy. Around 6 we head back home for the very end of the Aggie football game (what we were at Phil’s house to avoid), then share Aladdin over a bucket of fried chicken.

Sunday morning Leslie’s family heads out to the airport. Doug and I spend the morning cramming for the interview at Apple and discussing the relative merits of grad school and jobs. We take the train up to Berkeley for a short tour and a Delicious lunch at the Kurry Klub on Shattuck, drop by Amoeba, then ride home. Later we head to Phil’s for dinner–a wonderful coconut curry chicken followed by some sort of traditional Maylay dessert that I can’t remember how to pronounce.

I leave doug there and head home for sleep. As I type Doug is interviewing at Apple for my old job. Time to get cracking on all the work I’ve been ignoring since Wednesday…

4 thoughts on “a bit of catch up”

  1. from what he says it seems to have gone well, but the verdict isn’t in yet from apple. i’ve got my fingers and toes crossed.

  2. no one can resist the pull of the shiny white computers, eh?

    or is it just the bay?

    or is it just that h-town blows goats?

    i think it’s the goat-blowing part.

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