december time

The semester is almost over. I’ve got two more meetings of my oh-so-painful math class, but I “finished” (or at least turned in) the last two homeworks so I can focus on the SIGGRAPH paper, which will basically be my life until 25 January at 5pm. Which is okay, really, considering how relaxed things are for the rest of the year. I do still have a week or so in late December for Texas and Christmas that I’m not being forced to give up, and I’m sort of mentally separating the remaing time before the deadline into two death marches, one from now until the 22nd, then from the 2nd until the 25th. Seems much more manageable that way.

Almost got to see the Trey Anastasio show on Friday, but after getting patted down we were bounced at the door since it turned out our tickets were for Saturday, not Friday. Oops. Transportation made it hard to get there yesterday so we ended up selling our tickets (or at least one, I gave the other away) on craigslist and staying in for the night, which was fun anyway since Doug and I were starting work on our FFVII reunion tour. Sephiroth, Cloud, the whole gang.

Now, back to work.

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