return of the slimes

If any of you were like me back in 1989 sitting in front of the TV with your NES powered up, playing Dragon Warrior, then we should talk. Just in case you’re not sure, here’s a Rorschach test of sorts for you:

fight the red slime!

Does that picture make you twitch? Awaken some dark memory in the recesses of your brain? Then you’re like me, and you should definitely check out the latest iteration of this same franchise, 16 years later: Dragon Quest VIII. Square Enix is still the publisher, and there are still frickin’ slimes!

new high-tech slimes

And drackies! You know you remember the drackies. Apparently Square is doing all they can to cash in on nostalgia just such as this and has actually produced a slime controller

slime controller

I’m not saying you should buy this for me for christmas. But I’m also not saying you shouldn’t.

4 thoughts on “return of the slimes”

  1. So far, nothing revolutionary. Combat is turned-based, a bit simpler than FFX, but has almost WoW-like attribute points that you allocate to get special abilities. I’m sure I could look up what all the abilities I will gain are, but I’ve been going for the “just me and the game” style of play so far. Honestly I’ve only played for a couple of hours, but it’s really been scratching my RPG itch.

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