berkeley food #16: triple rock

1920 Shattuck Ave
Berkeley, 94704
(510) 843-7625

Leslie and I have been to Triple Rock many times now. I’d say it’s our favorite brew-pub in Berkeley. Since I’ve had so many experiences there, I’ll just give an overview of the experience. The main event is the beer, which is all brewed on-site and features seasonal specialties. Probably the most infamous is Monkey Head, an exceptionally alcoholic arborreal ale (8% i think…) that is served in a large bottle with, well, a monkey head on it. You drink it socially, everyone with a little glass. It promotes toasts. There’s even a card that you get stamped each time you buy a bottle, and at 10 you get to keep the bottle and you get a t-shirt. How can you beat that? The catch is, monkeyhead is only served on Thursdays. Other good beers include Titanium, “light but strong,” and the Triple Rock classic, Red Rock. If you go, I’d suggest trying at least two or three different kinds.

The food consists mainly of burgers, with a few standard bar appetizers like wings and nachos. It’s not the greatest, but the burgers in particular are quite good, and by all means when you order one spend the buck fifty to upgrade your cole slaw to fries–they are light, crispy, with just the right amount of salt.

The biggest problem with Triple Rock is its popularity. They’ve recently installed two huge flat screens that are constantly playing the sports game du jour. Most nights of the week the place is packed, and there is no hostess seating, so you’re out of luck unless you want to stand around for 15-30 minutes stalking a table (although you might get lucky). We prefer to go around 6-6:30, when there’s almost always tables available and the atmosphere is a bit quieter.

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