solo dad

Leslie is on a work trip to SLC this week and I’m doing some solo dad work. It’s amazing how much easier this is than it was just a year ago. I’m not saying it’s easy, just hard instead of near-impossible. It gives a glimpse of a future where our lives “come back” to us from that hazy past before Annie was born.

We got the steel grate installed in the kitchen window yesterday. Kids approve of the view.
Taking a bit of Daniel Tiger break. Annie claimed she was cold so I tucked them in.

2 thoughts on “solo dad”

  1. Hi! Was looking for course evaluations by someone else on the HKN database at Berkeley and your name popped up and I found this blog still exists. Awesome!

    Speaking of babies being less intense and revealing a glimmer of the life before, I know the feeling well. Our daughter is 14 months now, and while still tons of work, it pales in comparison to the earliest days.

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