3000 miles of highway lie ahead…

it’s time for round two of my journey west; this time i’ll be going out for good (and by “good,” i mean for a while, maybe. permanence and commitment are not prime attributes of my life at this time).

on the schedule for this trip: Hueco Tanks. Not a new destination; well traveled by some accounts. Still, it’s a place that i can’t just pass by without seeing one more time, and one old friend in particular that i’d really like to conquer.

from there, we proceed to Saguaro National Park to… umm… look at the big-ass cacti, and then on to Tucson for the night. Unfortunately, we won’t be visiting Phoenix, so I won’t be able to tell Steve what’s there.

Then, on to CA, first stopping in Joshua Tree, then continuing on to LA to see leslie, and finally ending up in San Diego for SIGGRAPH.

You can download a map of the trip here.

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