the hunt goes on

So, another week has passed, and I’m still looking for a job here in Silicon valley. Things have improved somewhat, I’ve had some interviews and have a bunch of on-site interviews next week. I’ll keep clammy for now about where exactly I’m interviewing until I pick a job, assuming I get any offers. But afterward, I promise I’ll give the full report. I’d like to say the key is patience and relentlessness; I’ve now sent my resume and/or applied to jobs at over 20 companies. But tragically, in the end, it seems like it’s just a question of whom you know.

The rest of my time has been soaked up doing mostly chores: getting cars maintained, shopping, cooking, fixing up the apartment. We still lack dining room chairs. I think I am cursed never to own any of my own. The trouble is at the moment I can’t borrow any from Ali. Maybe I’ll grab a couple when I visit him in Michigan.

Leslie has much more interesting stuff to report since this has been her first week of teaching, but I’ll let her tell her own story whenever she finds the time on puddledog.

Tomorrow, Leslie and I are heading into “the city,” which around here means SF. Maybe we’ll finally have some new pictures and interesting stories to tell then.

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