and by SF i mean Ikea

So, we didn’t quite have enough steam after working on straightening up our place on Saturday to go up to San Francisco, but we did decide on a whim to go to the big opening sale at the brand new Ikea in East Palo Alto. In our roles as good American consumers, we spend $167 for four dining chairs ($20 each), three patio chairs (discounted to $10 from $50, solid wood!), an end table ($10), and a really nice bookcase that should have been $50, but they forgot to ring up part of it so it was actually $33. We would have gone back into the store to tell them about the mistake, but it would have cost more in human time and hassle than it would have gained (the ikea was like a human cow corral, and returning would have been like swimming up a very crowded stream).

So, after we assembled everything, we took a few more pictures of the apartment that now include my stuff, and posted them on gallery. I think this makes the apartment more or less done, except for hanging a few more things in the office and the bedroom.

Another week begins. Someday I’ll have a job. No, really. Stay tuned.

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