all that is required is for good men to do nothing… the lobbyists will take care of the rest

A bill is in a House subcommittee that should really, really pass. It basically tries to roll back some of the provisions of the DMCA (evil, evil law signed in 1998) that make copying of movies and songs you own potentially illegal (for example, it’s illegal because of the DMCA to copy practically any DVD you own). It also makes it illegal to reverse-engineer many products. This law should die a horrible, horrible death. This bill is a start.

Most of you know I’ve been bitching about the DMCA since 2000 and I’ve been cease-and-desisted by the MPAA and subpoena’d by Mattel over my various protestations (thank you, UT student legal services…). Now there’s a clear way to do at least something about it. I mailed my congressdude (and also Lloyd Doggett, for old-times’ sake). You should too!
You can learn more about the DMCA and the new bill here . Click the link “write to congress” and do your duty! EFF has another letter here.

6 thoughts on “all that is required is for good men to do nothing… the lobbyists will take care of the rest”

  1. okay, i’m officially pigeon-holed as a video game blog when the two comments on my pissy political post are about zelda.

    and yes, the videos rock.

  2. OK, I'm political!  I appreciate your comments, but all of my politics are currently focused o­n the school finance fiasco in Austin.  Sorry.  Stop by the Capitol when you are there and register your complaints about their lack of courage and conviction in the arena of public school support.

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