naked people in yellow hats.

So, this morning I ran the 92nd annual Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco with my brother. It was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had at a footrace. It was 12km, or about 7.5 miles. Not too long. The fun started on the bus with the costumes and the driver keeping us entertained. The downside was having to board at 6:00am. I left the apt at 5:15.

We got to SF about 7, and headed in to where all the runners were gathering. There were already at least several thousand waiting at the starting line. To keep everyone entertained while we waited, they distributed thousands and thousands of tortillas. And by distribute, I mean threw at us. By 8:00am pretty much all of the 70,000 runners had arrived.

start of race

We started the race at a leisurely jog. In a few minutes we started noticing some good costumes. Then we noticed a few dozen people without costumes, or any other clothing, except shoes and a yellow hat. They were all old and wrinkly, so I didn’t snap any pictures. Nor was I able to determine why they wore day-glo yellow hats.

Probably the best costume we saw the whole race were a group of people dressed as salmon who started at the end of the race and ran backwards:

racing upstream in salmon costumes

Not pictured is the guy dressed as a sushi chef who flanked them. We ended up finishing in about an hour and a half (we decided to take it easy so we could see the sights and because going really fast was kind of impossible with the crowd). If you’re interested in more pics and videos, check out the complete posting on gallery.

Oh. And I beat Ocarina of Time. I rule Ganon. Now explain to me Cameron how WW is not a copy?

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