halloween shenanigans

George is in town and we had an action-packed weekend. We kicked things off Friday with a trip in to San Francisco to visit Toronado, a bar that is close to the hearts of Doug and Nelson. It had an amazing selection of beer, which was awesome, but according to some law of bars they continually turned up the music from about 9pm when I got there until 11:30 when I left, at which point it was almost intolerably loud.

On Sunday we went to the dia de los muertos festival in Fruitvale (a neighborhood in Oakland), saw altars, ate greasy food, had a good time all around. Here are some skulls that kids made of their favorite dead (note 2pac):


On Halloween itself we girded ourselves for one more trip… this time to the infamous (and gigantic) Halloween party in the Castro. We went a bit early, had dinner and plenty of margaritas at the excellent, very Texas-feeling Puerto Alegre in the Mission, then headed to the Castro for the madness. There are some pics up on gallery, but I’ll leave you with a pic of my lame costume (some sort of scary pink rabbit creature, don’t ask me:

rabbit costume

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