moving day (1/3)

So, we left Oakland for Austin today. Some interesting facts I learned:

  1. Despite being advised for “1 bedroom apartments,” a 16-foot Penske rental truck can (very nearly) contain everything we own in the world. This is only possible due to (a) sedulous cubic inch measurements made by Leslie and (b) magical loading skills employed by our industrious helpers from Movers Anonymous. See above picture for the truck just after ingestion of three (3) charcoal grills and a bicycle but still awaiting insertion of two nearly worthless sets of pine Ikea shelves.
  2. When you put everything you own in a truck and then attach your car to the back of it, you should not expect to get excellent mileage. However, we were thrilled to see that we are solidly in the double digits so far!
  3. It’s muhfuckin hot up in the Central Valley, but oh good god, still not as hot as in Austin. And, y’know, like they say… here it’s a dry heat. Yep. In Austin? Not dry. Bring the pain.
Now, for sleep! Bonus fact: Palm Springs is not a wonderland of palms and springs, but in fact just another part of the huge ass desert down here. Motel 6 still as classy as ever, though. ‘Night.

2 thoughts on “moving day (1/3)”

  1. You’re right! And let the record show that our two movers (who had at least 10 years on us) also explicitly name-checked Tetris while packing our stuff.

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