spam selling spam

One of the interesting things about running a server and owning a domain is getting all sorts of spam trying to sell you services promoting your site or brand, or offering to design logos and websites for you. This morning I got the most ridiculous of the spams I’ve seen yet: a spam offering spam services. It’s good to know that, if need be, I can send 3 million emails an hour. For your edification:

Providing you with 100% total bulk email and hosting solutions

BULK ISP offers:
Bandwidth: 1.5 M/S Upload and Download
Unlimited Email addresses “POP 3 Boxes”
Host up to twenty of your own websites
You can use it also as an smtp server to send your email
80 Gig hard drive Pentium 4 was build to send millions of emails
Send up to 10 million Opt-in emails a day 

Guarantee 30 days of service month to month no contract

FREE 24 hours 7 days a week technical support

Full access to the server using terminal service or Pc, anywhere or any other      remote access software you prefer

Set up time is two hours

The server comes with the following:
CASE: Super Micro 2 U Rackmount
OPERATING SYSTEM: WINDOWS 2000 SERVER / WINDOWS 2003 SERVER/ Red hat 7.3/ mandrake / or whatever OS you prefer

You will also receive two years free membership with to clean your emails  

Prices are as low as $2000 a month with $100.00 set up fee.  Please call or email me when you are ready to begin.

150,000(messages)/hour – $1,500.00   total     
300,000/hour – $3,000.00                 24/7 Free Phone and email technical support
600, 000/hour – $6,000.00
2 million/hour – $12,000.00
3 million/hour – $16,000.00   (UNLIMITED CAPACITY LICENSE)

We also offer you a 100% guaranteed deliverable semi opt-in email list.  Our emails go through ewasher to ensure their delivery.  If any of the emails bounce back we will replace them with emails that are deliverable free of charge.  You will receive 30 million emails for only $5000.00.  These will be yours to own.

this page is coming to you from palo alto

If you’re reading this, then I’ve succeeded in moving over to the new server! Also, gallery now lives here, too. I’m trying to incrementally move things over to avoid any big explosions. In the next few days I’m going to do the trickiest switch: moving everyone’s email over. I’ll make sure to let everyone who uses overt for email know before that happens, though.

a new overt

So, the time has finally come for me to move overt to another server, one I actually pay for. I ended up picking ServePath ( for hosting, and it seems to be working out well so far.

The process of moving all the mail and web and what not over to the new server is somewhat arduous, which is why I left a couple of months for it to happen. It’s been consuming a lot of my free time recently, but it’s really a kind of recreation for me anyway (no, really).

When the time comes to actually make the switch, I’ll figure out a plan for letting everyone know about any possible downtime.

a short hiccup for overt

Yesterday in the midafternoon, you may have noticed that overt was unavailable for maybe an hour or so. This was actually not do to the DNS change as I had warned, but rather to the fact that the breaker that overt was plugged into was tripped. This meant that the machine had to be rebooted (thank you, george). It’s interesting to note that before the power was cut, overt had been up and running without a reboot for almost 250 days.

I’m still waiting for the domain name transfer to finish up. I don’t expect there will be any hiccup in name resolution, but if you notice some funky behaviour, maybe wait an hour or two before freaking out.

a new overt

After over three and a half years of service, my home-brew blog-like site was really starting to show its age. So, just like my old picture site, I’ve decided to retire it in favor of a open-source package: postnuke.

Since I’m leaving to go to grad school and abandoning all my friends, i’m going to try to keep overt updated more frequently with what’s happening in my life. I’ve also got the peer pressure of all my friends’ well-maintained blogs to egg me on. So, we’ll see whether this ends up being the last post for another half year…

New picture functionality added.

I have added server-side image resizing in the pictures area. What does this mean for you? It means two things:

  1. Dynamically generated thumbnails! You no longer have to download the whole picture when you are viewing thumbnails in the event view. You’ll just get little thumbnails instead.
  2. Selectable viewing resolutions. Now, you can view a picture at several resolutions, not just the one at which it was taken. By default, images will appear at 800×600.

I hope this makes things easier for low-bandwidth users.